Our Story

Anthos|Home was founded in 2022 by Laura Lazarus and Leslie Abbey, leaders with decades of experience in government, social service nonprofits, and affordable housing development.

Anthos|Home was inspired by old problems, in New York and elsewhere: the growing crisis of homelessness and the systemic challenges of using housing subsidies/vouchers to secure housing. Every year, thousands of vouchers go unused and apartments sit empty, while individuals and families make do in shelters for months or even years. 

To remedy the problem, Anthos|Home partners with local government, nonprofits, housing providers, and private funders to help voucher holders quickly move into affordable housing. Our model — which is based on the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool created by Brilliant Corners in Los Angeles — succeeds by easing the risk and administrative burden of housing providers, by helping tenants navigate the voucher and rental landscapes, and by providing ongoing support and assistance to both.

In short, Anthos|Home makes every step of the voucher process easier for all involved. Our model has the added benefit of attracting more landlords, thereby increasing the number of affordable housing units available to voucher holding tenants, freeing up government and nonprofit resources to address other aspects of homelessness in New York.


Anthos|Home’s regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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