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Housing Providers




Anthos|Home is an innovative nonprofit combatting homelessness and housing insecurity. Our model draws on a deeply experienced team, financial strength, and strategic partnerships to: 

  • Compensate housing providers who hold units for tenants relying on government subsidies (i.e., voucher holders);
  • Quickly place qualified tenants in apartments that make sense for them;
  • Take on administrative burdens (including clean-up and inspections) for participating landlords and tenants; and
  • Provide ongoing support services — to housing providers and voucher holders — that ensure successful tenancies.

Anthos|Home tenants have qualified for housing vouchers and are coming out of — or at risk of falling into— homelessness.

Prospective tenants are referred to Anthos|Home by government and nonprofit agencies.

Housing Providers

In addition to providing access to qualified tenants, Anthos|Home offers owners who partner with them a variety of benefits, including:

  • Compensation for engaging in the process. Participating owners receive payment to reserve units, to ensure that they are available when tenants are ready for move-in. Payment is for a limited time during the tenant match process.   
  • Other support and assistance. Anthos|Home pays for or helps with clean-up and small repairs associated with inspections, move-in and tenancy. 
  • Reduced risk. Anthos|Home covers a percentage of costs resulting from delays, damage caused by tenants, and arrears. 
  • Administrative assistance. Anthos|Home serves as a single point of contact for all government-related matters.
  • Ongoing support. When issues arise, Anthos|Home will help landlords work with tenants to resolve them.

Because we make it easy for you. Anthos|Home prepares tenants for housing and matches them to units, completes inspections, makes sure rent is paid, assists with move-in and repairs, and sets tenants up to be good neighbors. 

Because we are your partners. When you rent to an Anthos|Home tenant, our dedicated and experienced team goes to work for you, providing ongoing help to both you and your tenant — from stopgap funding to prevent eviction, to access to resources and support that make the rental process easier, from lease-up to move-out. 

Because we provide peace of mind. With guaranteed funding from the government, the full support of Anthos|Home, and access to myriad community resources, tenants with vouchers are a safe bet over the long haul. 

Because it’s good for everyone. In leasing your apartments to solid tenants with strong support, you are also helping vulnerable individuals and families return to their communities, enabling them to stabilize their lives and work toward new goals while improving neighborhoods and strengthening our communities.

Absolutely not. The Anthos|Home team is expert at dealing with vouchers and housing packages, so we are well-equipped to navigate the process on your behalf.

No. Housing providers bear no more responsibility for Anthos|Home tenants than for any other tenant. We expect successful tenancies for our referrals, backed as they are by our support and access to resources.

We work with our tenants to develop a budget and prepare them for consistent and timely rent payments. Should a tenant miss a payment, we will work to resolve the issue and defray the impact on the owner. To prevent ongoing payment challenges, we assess barriers to paying rent and pursue appropriate remedies, which may include working with the tenant to stabilize income and budget, or connecting them to additional support and resources. And should a change in tenant income result in a rent shortfall, we work with the relevant government agency to adjust the tenant portion of the voucher to ensure full payment going forward.

Anthos|Home will work directly with the relevant government agency to untangle problems and ensure that subsidy payments resume. We can help to cover unpaid rent as we work to address the issue.

In addition to ensuring prompt repairs and sharing the associated costs, we advise tenants on how to prevent future damage and connect them with any services or assistance they may require. Tenants are also offered rental insurance, paid for by Anthos|Home.

For most matters during business hours, you can contact your Housing Acquisition Specialist, who you will know by name.

For urgent matters and emergencies, contact us on our hotline: 212-606-0785.

For nonurgent questions, which will be answered during business hours, email us at

First and foremost, we ask you to keep an open mind and to commit to acting in good faith. We promise to do the same.

We also ask that you decide promptly on tenant referrals so we can keep the process moving forward.  

And we will generally ask that you act as quickly as is reasonably possible to provide the information needed to complete housing packages or other forms related to a unit.

We also prefer that you use the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA) standard form of lease and riders. We can provide those for you if needed.


Most importantly, you can expect Anthos|Home to be there with you every step of the way. 

After you are referred to us by a government or nonprofit agency you will be assigned a Tenant Coordinator, who will work with you, your referral team: 

  • Assemble and submit the documents necessary for voucher and rental applications
  • Help find an apartment that meets your needs and preferences
  • Accompany you to apartment viewings and meetings with landlords
  • Assist with housing readiness, including budgeting help
  • Help with furniture purchase and move-in
  • Explain tenant responsibilities and rights to ensure housing success 
  • Remain in contact after move-in for a minimum of a year, providing 24/7 availability to help navigate any emerging issues.

With Anthos|Home involved, nothing you are not capable of handling. Of course, you are central to making this process successful, and to help us get you into a home you will need to:

  • Connect. Provide us with the best times and ways to reach you, so that we can keep the process moving. 
  • Prepare documents. Work to assemble your documents. If you are affiliated with a nonprofit organization or a shelter, they may have staff to support you in this process.
  • Speak up. Be as clear as possible about your needs and expectations about housing. 
  • Be ready. Tenants are given a choice of up to three units. You will be asked to decide on which unit you are interested within 24 hours. 
  • Keep in touch. Let your Tenant Coordinator know if challenges arise. We provide support and 24/7 emergency availability for a minimum of a year after move-in.

Work With Us

Leave your information and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. 

If you would prefer to speak with someone directly, please give us a call:

(212) 606-0785.