Our Approach to Equity and Inclusion

At Anthos|Home, our mission is to expedite access to permanent housing for homeless and vulnerable New Yorkers by streamlining the voucher-to-housing process and providing comprehensive services to both tenants and landlords. Central to our work is a commitment to trust: we show up, follow up, and deliver results that matter every day, ensuring that those we serve can rely on us for stability and support. We believe that trust is built through consistent action and transparency, creating a foundation that enables us to effectively advocate for and assist our community.

Compassion is at the heart of our approach. We listen to the needs of individuals and families, understand their unique circumstances, and take meaningful action to improve their situations. Our empathetic approach ensures that every person is treated with dignity and respect, fostering a supportive environment that promotes healing and growth. Collaboration is another cornerstone of our efforts; by building bridges between people and organizations, we create a powerful network capable of making bold, systemic changes to address homelessness.

We are committed to fostering inclusion within our organization and the communities we serve by celebrating diverse perspectives and embracing equity. Excellence drives us to tirelessly seek solutions that are effective and sustainable, while our trailblazing spirit pushes us to continually pioneer innovative approaches, leading the way for impactful change. Finally, we are dedicated to elevating those we assist by offering the resources, tools, and support needed to foster growth and unlock potential. At Anthos|Home, we are finding a better way home, ensuring that every New Yorker can achieve housing stability and success.

Our Values


We show up, follow up, and deliver results that matter every day.


We listen, understand, and take meaningful action.


We build bridges between people and organizations to make bold change happen.


We foster a workplace that celebrates diverse perspectives and embraces equity.


We are tireless in our efforts to find solutions that work – better.


We are creating a better way home by removing obstacles and lighting the way forward.


We offer resources, tools, and support to foster growth and unlock potential.

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