Our Model

Flexible Funding Model

To combat homelessness and housing insecurity, Anthos|Home facilitates each step along the journey from shelter to permanent housing to ensure that the voucher system works effectively for all involved: landlords, tenants, brokers, and social service and government agencies.

We can do this because of our Flexible Funding Model, which allows us to address the predictable and unexpected bumps along the voucher journey before any of those bumps turn into roadblocks. This unique financial capacity — the result of public and private partnerships — allows us to smooth key aspects of the process, reducing monetary risk and inconvenience for housing providers while creating ongoing stability for tenants.

How It Works

The journey to permanent housing with Anthos|Home:

Direct Referral Process

Unhoused or at-risk potential tenants are referred to us by one of our government or nonprofit partners.

Easy Apartment Sign-Up

Housing providers propose a unit by completing a simple online form or contacting a member of our Housing Team.

Hold Agreements

Once a unit is approved, a “Hold Agreement” commits the owner to reserving the unit for a limited time until tenant move-in — with Anthos|Home paying an owner a fee to reserve the unit.

Smart Matchmaking

We match tenants to available units, considering budget, accessibility needs, proximity to work, family, and community resources, and personal preferences. Landlords are given an opportunity to approve tenants.

Expedited Approvals

After a match is made, we coordinate the voucher application process and work with the relevant government agency to secure approval.

Tenant Readiness

We set up tenants for long-term success by providing financial counseling and other coaching to support independence and strong relationships with landlords and fellow tenants.

Housing Preparation

We inspect the unit to ensure it meets local government requirements, help with cleanup and small repairs, source and pay for furniture, assist with turning on utilities, and connect tenants with community resources.

Rental Support

After move-in, we assist tenants with budgeting and on-time payments, voucher obligations and recertifications.

Ongoing Troubleshooting

We continue to maintain close contact with housing providers and tenants, to preempt any issues and support housing stability.

How we help


By helping individuals and families achieve housing stability — and by providing ongoing assistance — we position them to thrive in other aspects of their lives, such as education, employment, and wellness. And by acting as their single point of contact, we make participating in the housing voucher system easier.

Government Partners

By speeding permanent placements and handling key aspects of the voucher process, we help government partners meet their goals for housing homeless and at-risk households and free up valuable resources and staff time. And by growing the ranks of landlords renting to tenants with vouchers, we increase the number of units available to people receiving government housing assistance.

Nonprofit Partners

By streamlining aspects of housing navigation and transition to permanent housing, we lessen the burden on nonprofit agencies serving homeless and at-risk households, allowing them to conserve and redistribute resources.

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An interview with Laura Lazarus, Anthos|Home Co-Founder + CEO, and Courtney Nelson, Vice President of Housing Aquisition.

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